8mm Garden Stakes


8 mm garden stakes are most commonly used for seedling and flower supports.

Color: Green

Material: Plastic Coated Steel Pipe

These garden stakes of plastic coated steel pipes are ideal for providing strong support for growing plants and trees. Designed with ribbed sides to help keep ties in place.
They feature a sturdy steel core for superior strength in outdoor conditions.
– Waterproof plastic coating
– Ribbed sides hold ties in place
– Pointed tip for easy placement; Flat end to prevent scratching
– Robust steel core for added strength

How to Use them:
1. Moisten the soil thorouthly before using;
2. Insert the tip of the garden stake into moist soil 3-5 cm next to the plant seedling or where you plan to plant it until the top of the stake is stable.
3. If it’s not stable enough, tap the top lightly with a rubber hammer. If the top is slightly deformed, stop tapping immediatelyately.
4.Or dig a hole larger than the diameter of the garden stake with a depth of 15-25cm, insert the stake, and bury it with soil to stabilize it.