25 gsm 5 mm aperture Bird Netting


Veggieland bird netting is a high-quality, multipurpose solution that effectively prevents birds from accessing unwanted areas. Its durable and knotless design, combined with diamond knitting, ensures reliable protection against bird damage. The 5 mm aperture keeps even small birds at bay while maintaining wildlife safety. The netting’s UV stabilization guarantees a long lifespan, even in harsh sunlight conditions. With a weight of 25 grams per square meter, the netting strikes a perfect balance between durability and ease of use. Most importantly, it complies with Victorian regulations, making it a suitable choice for bird control applications in Victoria.

Veggieland Bird Netting is a versatile, high-quality mesh specifically designed to provide protection against birds while ensuring wildlife safety. It is a durable and knotless netting with diamond knitting, making it highly effective in preventing birds from entering unwanted areas or damaging crops.

One of the key features of this bird netting is its 5 mm aperture. The small size of the openings ensures that even the smallest birds cannot pass through, making it an excellent choice for bird control. The netting is designed to be wildlife-friendly, allowing birds to see the barrier and preventing any harm to them.

Veggieland bird netting is UV stabilized, which means it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating. This feature ensures a long lifespan for the netting, even under harsh sunlight conditions. It remains strong and effective, providing reliable bird protection over an extended period.

The netting has a weight of 25 grams per square meter, which makes it lightweight yet robust. This weight is carefully chosen to strike a balance between durability and ease of installation. The lightweight nature of the netting makes it convenient to handle and install, while still offering excellent strength and resilience.

Importantly, this bird netting complies with Victorian regulations. It meets the necessary requirements and specifications outlined by the regulatory authorities in Victoria, ensuring that it adheres to the local standards for bird control and protection.